Four Winds Sesquicentennial Brigades – paddling celebration of Canada’s 150 Anniversary

Four Winds Sesquicentennial  Brigades - paddling celebration of Canada’s 150 Anniversary

(Theme 6 – Natural Capital, Theme 9 – Recreation, Theme10 – Sense of Place)

Organization: Voyageur Brigades Society

Timeline for Completion: Established 2009 – Annual Events June – July – August 2017


Come join us for a paddling celebration of Canada’s 150 Anniversary this summer. On this page you will find links and informational pages supporting more than a dozen big canoe events planned for this year that span our country from west to east, and north to south.

The Four Winds Sesquicentennial Brigades, a series of 4 brigades, one from the west, one from the north, one from the east, and one from the south, each with Victoria Island (Asinabke) in the Ottawa River at the foot of the parliament buildings as its final destination. The date of arrival is presently planned for Canada Day, (Saturday, July 1).

Ottawa Brigade: West Wind Brigade (Join our Voyageur Canoe Brigade to re-trace the fur trade route from North Bay, Ontario, down the Mattawa River to the Ottawa River and onto Canada’s capital, Ottawa)

Ottawa Brigade: North Wind Brigade Chimeda – Paddling Together (Wakefield/Chelsea to Ottawa on the Gatineau River ending the journey in Ottawa)

Ottawa Brigade: East Wind Brigade (goes from Lachine (Montreal) to Ottawa on the Ottawa River)

South Wind Brigade (Rideau Canal – part of the Four Winds Brigades)


The Voyageur Brigade Society was established in 2009 to ensure that the enthusiasm generated by the 2008 David Thompson Brigade would persist into the future and that voyageur brigades would occur on a regular basis.

•Provide access of information from previous brigades which will ease the planning task.
•Archive documents and images from completed brigades.
•Link paddlers with adventure.

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