About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve sustainability in partnership with our stakeholders by sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is for an environmentally sustainable City that support a high quality of life, now and for future generations.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is using the resources we need for a good life, but leaving enough resources for future generations to have a good life too (to Paraphrase the Brundtland definition of sustainable development used in Rio Earth Summit 1992). The Biosphere Eco-City (BEC) divides sustainability into 10 interrelated Themes of Sustainability (link) (i.e. Design, Habitat, Food, etc.) that are easy to understand and facilitate involvement and cooperation.

The Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City Council

Local organizations and volunteers form the non-profit Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City (OBEC) Council. This Council of Stakeholders shares ideas and guides the development of Biosphere Eco-City activities in Ottawa. OBEC Teams handle major areas of responsibility such as Administration, Demonstration Projects, Website etc. See “Get Involved” in this menu for volunteer opportunities. For more detail on the role of a Council of Stakeholders, see the Biosphere EcoCity Model. If you would like information on upcoming meetings of the Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City Council, click Contact Us.

What is Biosphere Eco-City?

A Biosphere Eco-City is an urban area and surrounding countryside where anyone’s actions can contribute to sustainability. It is based on encouragement of individual initiative, cooperation among people and organizations, sharing of ideas and results, and outreach to other urban-centred regions.

Objectives of Biosphere Eco-City

INVOLVE EVERYONE: Greater involvement in sustainability leads to greater success. LINK STAKEHOLDERS: People and organizations talk and work together on sustainability, to help each other produce better results. SHARE INFORMATION: We share our experience with sustainability and learn from each other. ENCOURAGE INITIATIVE: We encourage everyone to take initiative for sustainability, to develop innovative approaches. ENHANCE PERFORMANCE: We support sustainability by making projects more effective. Various tools support each of the Objectives. For more information see the Biosphere Eco-City Model.

Benefits of Biosphere Eco-City

Benefits: Quality of Life Urban-Rural Balance Local Conservation Protection of the Biosphere More detail on Benefits may be found in the Biosphere Eco-City Model.