Chairman’s Report


Ottawa Biosphere Eco City (OBEC) is a volunteer-based organization which seeks to engage and educate the people of Ottawa on matters on environmental sustainability. Our former Chair, Jim Birtch, summarizes sustainability as everyone getting what they need while leaving enough for future generations. OBEC has done many different things through an Ottawa sustainability tour, workshops, sustainability plans for students and schools, and now moving these learnings into greater community sustainability plans.

It has been an expansive year focused around the developing and implementing community sustainability plans. We have worked with three communities so far, West Carleton, Kanata North, and Ottawa Lowertown. Drawing from community members we identified projects of interest and we asked the leaders of the group to step forward to champion some of the projects discussed and developed. Many people stepped forward at each event and have been taking steps to develop some the following projects: a website devoted to recycle items which are no longer needed, building a community garden, taking an inventory of local trees, and starting a community network (i.e. West Carleton).

OBEC and its partners look forward to a year of developing and implementing these projects while being open to new communities which would like to develop their own community sustainability plan.

Alastair Larwill, OBEC Chair, 28 January 2020

OBEC 2019 Annual Report