We achieve sustainability together



Open forum to share ideas, discuss issues of sustainability and initiate projects to address the issues. Could become OBEC’s Council or Stakeholders over time. Project teams report back to the Council.



Ensures OBEC is operating properly. Supervises committees that contain all the OBEC Teams. Approves projects that are large or require funds. Elected by Council.



There are one Board Committee and four Operational Committees (each led by a Board member)



Updates Bylaw, recruits Board members, approves policies.



Contains two Teams:


Administrative Team – Ensures proper functioning of OBEC Council (including agendas and minutes), organization & access to documents, and communication among OBEC volunteers.

Members: Admin Team Leader, Assistant Admin Team Leader, Internal Communication Coordinator, and Content Manager (vacant).


Human Resources Team – Recruits OBEC volunteers and project volunteers (don’t need to be members), creates volunteer plans and supports volunteer satisfaction.

Members: HR Team Leader, Assistant HR Team Leader



Contains two Teams:


Finance & Budgeting Team – Organizes and maintains OBEC’s financial documents, creates annual budget, and advises on development of project budgets.

Members: Team Leader (vacant), Assistant Team Leader (vacant), Bookkeeper (Green Books does this on a grant).


Fundraising Team – Drafts Fundraising Policy (for Board approval) and Fundraising Strategy, and leads OBEC fundraising activities.

Members: Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader.


INFORMATION COMMITTEE (Operational Committee)

Contains three Teams and a Working Group:


Communication & Outreach Team – Manages OBEC’s external communication, drafts Communication and Social Media Strategies, coordinates with external organizations in Ottawa, supports outreach to other cities.

Members: Four members (team leader to be self-selected by team).


Database of Sustainability Projects Team – Manages this Biosphere Eco-City Tool by collecting information on projects and ensuring public access to it on website.

Members: Team Leader (would like to add members)


Website Team – Programs and manages the OBEC website as a tool for external and internal communication.

Members: Team Leader


Working Group on Website Requirements – Advise Website Team Leader on information display on the website, and receive and integrate website ideas from other people in OBEC.

Members (proposed): one person each from Communication & Outreach, Database of Projects, and Website Teams, and also Internal Communication Coordinator from Administrative Team.


PROGRAM COMMITTEE (Operational Committee)

Contains three Teams:


Demonstration Projects Team – Manage this Biosphere Eco-City Tool in cooperation with OBEC Council.

Members: Team will be set up when needed.


New Initiatives Team – Provides information to OBEC Council on past, current and future activities to assist Council with project development.

Members: Team Leader (would like to add members)


Sustainability Plans Team – Finds opportunities for application of this Biosphere Eco-City Tool, and supports sustainability plan projects.

Members: Team Leader, two other members.



Liaises with and advises OBEC Teams and project teams, and carries out some team functions for teams that are not yet fully operational. To be replaced by a paid staff member when adequate funds exist.

Member: Currently a full-time volunteer (OBEC Chair)