BEC tool 2 – Demonstration Projects


These are projects that opened up to the public to demonstrate useful approaches to sustainability in a Biosphere Eco-City (BEC). Any organization willing to share its methods and results may develop a Demonstration Project. The projects are meant to motivate others to take action on sustainability, by showing what can be done. As such, they complement the effects of Sustainability Plans and the Database of Sustainability Projects which are the other major motivational tools of BEC. So far the Ottawa BEC Council has undertaken two Demonstration Projects: The first on Agricultural Biodiversity undertaken in 2011 and the second a Sustainability Tour begun in 2012.

Example – Ottawa Sustainability Tour

A very successful launch of the self-guided Ottawa Sustainability Tour was launched on Saturday 14 September 2013. It s

tarted with pancakes at Richelieu Park. Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Mathieu Fleury thanked the more than 60 volunteers and organizations that created the tour. Then bicycles, electric and other vehicles set out to visit 10 special places illustrating ten themes of sustainability; eight with guides or events for the launch. To do the tour, download a tour book (see links below) or link to Ottawa Sustainability Tour on Gemagram for a mobile app. If you already did the tour, please fill out the English or French questionnaire

Willing to discover exceptional places, download our self guided Ottawa Sustainability Tour Book in English and French.

Themes of Sustainability