BEC tool 4 – Database of Projects

The Database summarizes basic information on any project related to sustainability in the Biosphere Eco-City. This is a key tool for the BEC Objective to Share Information. Projects in the Database are organized according to Themes of Sustainability, so people can search in their areas of interest. Readers may find useful ideas and can contact project developers to get more details. People and organizations who list their projects may find their listing leads to volunteers or support. You may submit a project or view the Ottawa BEC Database.

Transportation – Theme 1 Movement of goods and people
Energy – Theme 2 For buildings and activities e.g. transportation, manufacturing, agriculture
Design – Theme 3 Built environment including community design
Habitat – Theme 4 Urban & rural spaces for plants & animals, connectivity
Food – Theme 5 Local healthy food, heritage crops & animals, urban gardens
Natural Capital – Theme 6 Human needs for land, water, soil, natural materials
Waste – Theme 7 Processing of waste, re-use, recycling, conversion to energy
Health – Theme 8 Clean air & water, safety, tranquility, environmental needs of vulnerable groups
Recreation – Theme 9 Non-motorized, urban or rural
Sense of Place – Theme 10 Feeling of belonging that leads to stewardship

Latest Entries in Database of Sustainability Projects

  • CleanFarms – What to Recycle & Where
    (Theme 7 – Waste) Organization: Cleanfarms Timeline for Completion: Ongoing Objective: Cleanfarms is a stewardship organization committed to environmental responsibility through the proper management of agricultural waste. Our membership is comprised of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of pesticides, fertilizers, animal health medications, seed and other farm inputs. We make it Read more
  • The Natural Edge Program – Muskrat Lake Watershed Rehabilitation Project
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 6 – Natural Capital) Organization: Watershed Canada Timeline for Completion: 2020 Objective: Watersheds Canada, the Muskrat Watershed Council and Algonquin College’s Waterfront Campus completed the second year of their joint Muskrat Lake Watershed Rehabilitation Project. The project sees to plant a total of 45,000 native trees and shrubs along agricultural Read more
  • NCC: Piece of conservation puzzle added to Ottawa Valley
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 6 – Natural Capital) Organization: Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) Timeline for Completion: Started Feb 2020 Ongoing Objective: The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is announcing the protection of a 31-hectare (78-acre) forest and wetland property in the municipality of Bristol, Quebec. Located 60 kilometres west of Gatineau, the site is part of the Read more
  • OPL-LAC Joint Facility – Come Together
    (Theme 3 – Design, Theme10 – Sense of Place) Organization: City of Ottawa Timeline for Completion: 2024 Objective: Welcome to your new Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives Canada Joint Facility. The result of unprecedented partnerships and community engagement, the story of this groundbreaking project is about two major public institutions coming together to build a place Read more
  • Adventure Report – Trip reports with enough detail to get you there
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: Megan Kelly Blog – Hiking, Biking, & Paddling Timeline for Completion: OngoingStarted 2017 Ongoing Objective: Hi there! My name is Meg, and I live in Ottawa. I love to go on adventures, big and small, with my family. And I spend entirely too much time on the internet. In my defense, I spend a lot of time trying to find cool Read more
  • Ottawa Valley Nature Fix in February – The Old K& P Railroad Trail near Renfrew
    (Theme 8 – Health, Theme10 – Sense of Place) Organization: Ottawa River Institute Timeline for Completion: February 23, 2020 starting at 1:00 pm Objective: Our outing on the K& P trail will begin at the northern end of the trail near the Town of Renfrew. On February 23 starting at 1:00 pm, we will walk a small section (approximately 2 km) of the K & P trail near Renfrew and Read more
  • 2020 Spring Cleaning the Capital – City of Ottawa
    (Theme 7 – Waste) Organization: City of Ottawa Timeline for Completion: Annual Event – Spring & Fall Objective: The GLAD Cleaning the Capital campaign is a citywide cleanup that occurs in the spring and fall of every year. Residents come together as a community and combine efforts to make our city clean and green. Litter pickup or graffiti removal projects must be registered, and Read more
  • re-Cycles – A Community Bicycle Shop
    (Theme 1 – Transportation, Theme 7 – Waste) Organization: re-Cycles Timeline for Completion: Ongoing Objective: Re-Cycles was founded on the principle that our limited natural resources should be used wisely. As such, our goals are to: . Put more bicycles on the road by providing affordable, recycled bikes to the community . Provide low-cost access to a fully equipped bike repair shop Read more
  • Supporting Environmental Education and Student Leadership in Canada
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 5 – Food, Theme 7 – Waste, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: EcoSchools Canada Timeline for Completion: Started 2002 Ongoing Objective: From individual behaviours to collective impact, our VISION is for all members of school communities to be empowered with the knowledge, skills, and desire to act as environmentally responsible citizens. Our MISSION Read more
  • Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre (ELEEC)
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 8 – Health, Theme 9 – Recreation, Theme10 – Sense of Place) Organization: Queen’s University Biological Station and Nature Conservancy of Canada Timeline for Completion: Ongoing Objective: The Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre is a satellite facility of the Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS) at Opinicon Lake. They host many Read more