BEC tool 4 – Database of Projects

The Database summarizes basic information on any project related to sustainability in the Biosphere Eco-City. This is a key tool for the BEC Objective to Share Information. Projects in the Database are organized according to Themes of Sustainability, so people can search in their areas of interest. Readers may find useful ideas and can contact project developers to get more details. People and organizations who list their projects may find their listing leads to volunteers or support. You may submit a project or view the Ottawa BEC Database.

Transportation – Theme 1 Movement of goods and people
Energy – Theme 2 For buildings and activities e.g. transportation, manufacturing, agriculture
Design – Theme 3 Built environment including community design
Habitat – Theme 4 Urban & rural spaces for plants & animals, connectivity
Food – Theme 5 Local healthy food, heritage crops & animals, urban gardens
Natural Capital – Theme 6 Human needs for land, water, soil, natural materials
Waste – Theme 7 Processing of waste, re-use, recycling, conversion to energy
Health – Theme 8 Clean air & water, safety, tranquility, environmental needs of vulnerable groups
Recreation – Theme 9 Non-motorized, urban or rural
Sense of Place – Theme 10 Feeling of belonging that leads to stewardship

Latest Entries in Database of Sustainability Projects

  • Pick-Your-Own Farm / Roadside Market – Orleans Fruit Farm
    (Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: Orleans Fruit Farm / La Ferme d’Orléans Timeline for Completion: Ongoing Seasonal Objective: Fruits and vegetables grower for the local market. We have quite a variety of produce picked daily by our team in the morning. Open daily 10am to 6pm (weekdays) and 9am to 5pm (weekends). Location: 1399 St Joseph Blvd, Orleans, Ontario Read more
  • 2019 Fall GLAD Cleaning the Capital
    (Theme 7 – Waste) Organization: City of Ottawa Timeline for Completion: Annual Event – Spring & Fall Objective: The GLAD Cleaning the Capital campaign is a citywide cleanup that occurs in the spring and fall of every year. Residents come together as a community and combine efforts to make our city clean and green. Litter pickup or graffiti removal projects must be registered, and Read more
  • Carp Barrens Trail Study
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 9 – Recreation, Theme10 – Sense of Place) Organization: Friends of the Carp Hills (FCH) Project Start Date: 2019 Objective: The study’s purpose is to provide information about the impact of unauthorized trails constructed for mountain bike use and also used by hikers: should they be closed, moved, made official, limited to seasonal use, etc. A report Read more
  • Stillwater Creek Wetland Restoration Project
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme10 – Sense of Place) Organization: National Capital Commission (NCC) and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) Timeline for Completion: Started 2018 Ongoing Objective: A wetland restoration project in the heart of Ottawa’s Greenbelt has led to an explosion of biodiversity. Birds such as mallards, killdeer and red-winged blackbirds have returned to Read more
  • Depaving for a Greener Ottawa
    (Theme 3 – Design, Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 8 – Health, Theme10 – Sense of Place) Organization: EnviroCentre and Depave Paradise Timeline for Completion: Ongoing Objective: The concept behind Depave Paradise is simple: empowering citizens to transform impervious urban surfaces into beautiful green spaces using their own power. In fact, depaving projects are carried out by Read more
  • IKEA Ottawa Sustainability Tour
    (Theme 2 – Energy, Theme 3 – Design, Theme 7 – Waste) Organization: EnviroCentre and Carbon 613 Timeline for Completion: Thurs. Sep, 19 2019 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Objective: Join EnviroCentre and Carbon 613 for a tour of IKEA’s sustainability features, highlights include: •Recovery Department •Solar panels •Logistics dock – Battery operated machinery, compactors & tools Read more
  • Protecting Pollinators
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 5 – Food) Organization: Seeds of Diversity Timeline for Completion: Ongoing Objective: Pollinators are the creatures that pollinate flowers. You know about bees and butterflies, but did you know that there are over 1000 species of pollinating animals in Canada? Together, the plants and their pollinators are an indispensable natural resource, and their daily Read more
  • Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network
    (Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network Timeline for Completion: Ongoing Objective: The Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to coordinating the development of the agri-food sector in Eastern Ontario and fostering dialogue between its members and partners. Summary: Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network 59 Court Read more
  • Waterfront Market – Discover Local
    (Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health, Theme10 – Sense of Place) Organization: Chesterville Waterfront Market Timeline for Completion: Saturdays from 9am -1pm – Seasonal Objective: The Waterfront Market, formerly the Chesterville Farmers Market, is dedicated to bringing the community of Chesterville a rich, dynamic and fresh farmers market experience. Located on the redesigned Read more
  • School Active Transportation Program
    (Theme 1 – Transportation, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: EnviroCentre Timeline for Completion: Started 2010 Ongoing Objective: The School Active Transportation Program encourages elementary-school children to walk and wheel to school on a regular basis. There are plenty of benefits for children such as: •improved concentration at school •a chance to learn and practice safety skills Read more