BEC tool 4 – Database of Projects

The Database summarizes basic information on any project related to sustainability in the Biosphere Eco-City. This is a key tool for the BEC Objective to Share Information. Projects in the Database are organized according to Themes of Sustainability, so people can search in their areas of interest. Readers may find useful ideas and can contact project developers to get more details. People and organizations who list their projects may find their listing leads to volunteers or support. You may submit a project or view the Ottawa BEC Database.

Transportation – Theme 1 Movement of goods and people
Energy – Theme 2 For buildings and activities e.g. transportation, manufacturing, agriculture
Design – Theme 3 Built environment including community design
Habitat – Theme 4 Urban & rural spaces for plants & animals, connectivity
Food – Theme 5 Local healthy food, heritage crops & animals, urban gardens
Natural Capital – Theme 6 Human needs for land, water, soil, natural materials
Waste – Theme 7 Processing of waste, re-use, recycling, conversion to energy
Health – Theme 8 Clean air & water, safety, tranquility, environmental needs of vulnerable groups
Recreation – Theme 9 Non-motorized, urban or rural
Sense of Place – Theme 10 Feeling of belonging that leads to stewardship

Latest Entries in Database of Sustainability Projects

  • Count down to Earth Hour – March 30, 2019
    (Theme 2 – Energy, Theme 4 – Habitat) Organization: Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) Timeline for Completion: Annual Event – March 30, 2019 at 8:30 p.m. local time Objective: This Earth Hour, March 30, 2019 at 8:30 p.m. local time, switch off your lights and #Connect2Earth to draw attention to wildlife loss in Canada and around the world. In Canada, populations of more than one-half of Read more
  • Sugar Festival – 35th Edition, Vanier Museoparc
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health, Theme10 – Sense of Place) Organization: Vanier Museoparc Timeline for Completion: April 2-7, 2019 Objective: A unique Sugar Festival, in the heart of Ottawa Vanier’s Sugar Festival has been for a long the meeting point for lovers of Canadian traditions, music, arts, all sorts of competitions, and conviviality! What: Read more
  • Vanier Museoparc – Discover our School Educational Programs
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 6 – Natural Capital, Theme10 – Sense of Place) Organization: Vanier Museoparc Timeline for Completion: Founded 2006 Ongoing Objective: The Vanier Museoparc – a community museum, witness of French-Canadian culture and traditions and a proud owner of an authentic sugar shack still active in the heart of a unique 17.5-acre urban maple grove. With its many Read more
  • 2019, Year of the Environment – Buy less, buy better, and save the planet
    (Theme 5 – Food, Theme 7 – Waste, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: NU – Your Zero Waste Grocery Store Timeline for Completion: Started 2017 Ongoing Objective: Our goal is to offer a zero waste option for almost every daily grocery need, with the exception of meat and fish. The average Canadian produces more than 700 kg of waste per year, one of the highest rates among Read more
  • Hands-On Natural Beekeeping Program
    (Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: Capital Bees, Ottawa Timeline for Completion: Ongoing Seasonal Objective: Gotta Bug For Beekeeping? Join Capital Bees for a full season of Hands-on Beekeeping Program starting in spring through fall. We offer comprehensive hands-on learning to take you from the sidelines to become a competent and confident Read more
  • Climate Action Week 2019 – Exploring Energy Innovation in the Nation’s Capital
    (Theme 1 – Transportation, Theme 2 – Energy, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: Climate Action Week 2019 Timeline for Completion: February 14 to 23, 2019 Objective: Canada has ambitious goals to reduce this country’s carbon emissions and help curb global warming. Buildings will play a major role in any successful outcome. In October 2018, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel Read more
  • Almonte Seedy Saturday – February 9, 2019 9 to 3
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  • Westport Seedy Saturday – April 27, 2019 – 10 am to 2 pm
    (Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: Rideau Lakes Horticultural Society Timeline for Completion: Saturday April 27, 2019 – 10 am to 2 pm Objective: Westport Seedy Saturday Date: Saturday April 27, 2019 10 to 2 Location: Knox Presbyterian Church, Westport, ON Summary: Contact Us: email: heritage Contact Information: Website: Read more
  • Mark Your Calendar! Brockville Seedy Saturday
    (Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: Transition Brockville Timeline for Completion: Saturday March 2, 2019 – 10 am to 2 pm Objective: Brockville will be celebrating our 5th annual Seedy Saturday this year! Free seed exchange and kids’ activities. Local garden clubs and market vendors. Date: Saturday March 2, 2019 – 10 am to 2 pm Location: Brockville Read more
  • Save the Date! -Cornwall Seedy Sat. March 16, 2019
    (Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health) Organization: Transition Cornwall Timeline for Completion: Saturday March 16, 2019 10:30am to 2:30pm Objective: Transition Cornwall+ and All Things Food are hosting the 5th Annual Cornwall Seedy Saturday. Free for Attendees! Donations welcome. Workshops and Children’s Activities Included. Date & time: Sat. Mar. 16, 2019 10:30 am to 2:30 pm Read more