Breathe Easy Project

Breathe Easy Project

(Theme 8 – Health)

Organization: Ecology Ottawa

Timeline for Completion: 2021


Breathe Easy is a community-level project to measure Ottawa’s air quality, inspired by the INHALE project in Toronto (Toronto Environmental Alliance) and Hamilton (Environment Hamilton). Partnering with the Ottawa chapter of Sierra Club Canada, the air quality of Ottawa’s arboretum will be compared to the air quality near daycares, schools and senior centres, where congregate the city’s most vulnerable residents. Volunteers will be asked to walk, roll, ride or run in all areas of the city while carrying an easy to use mobile air monitoring device that can be attached to bikes, wheelchairs, backpacks, scooters or baby strollers. Low-cost monitors are used to measure and map air quality with residents, supporting well-informed actions and helping to bring the topic of air quality to a wider audience, including city councillors and city staff.

The goal of the “Breathe Easy” campaign is to promote citizen-led science, as well as inform the community about their local air quality. The final analysis will inform councillors and city staff with regards to the best way forward to commit to constant monitoring of Ottawa’s air. We are also looking to encourage engagement and ongoing conversations between city staff and residents regarding the development of solutions that can be co-created and co-led.


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