Theme10 – Sense of Place

Feeling of belonging, sense of community, and stewardship

A city that contains natural areas, that is easy to get around in and where people do not feel oppressed by traffic tends to encourage residents to explore more of their surroundings. This exploration increases the vitality of the city. At the same time, positive contacts with other people and nature give them a sense of belonging.

Where people feel they belong, they share a sense of community. This usually leads to greater participation in civic activities and more volunteers to help others in need. This participation can make it easier to govern a city and to address social problems. In rural areas, maintaining the traditional sense of community is related to opportunities for young people to remain in the hamlets and on the farms.

Citizens who take part in civic life, in either urban or rural areas, tend to learn more about the role that the environment plays in their well-being. Such knowledge could be a starting point for a project of environmental stewardship.