Theme 8 – Health

Clean air and water, safety, tranquillity, environmental needs of vulnerable

Access to clean air and water is a necessity, yet in many cities it is not universally
available. In rural areas, residents of villages and farms are often the victims of water or
air pollution from rural industries. Projects that address these problems would engage
multiple partners, including government, industry, and community representatives.
Safety is another concern of urban residents. Where automobile traffic is a threat to
urban populations, the use of compact urban design and mass transit can produce
pedestrian-friendly cities; and reduce the potential for injuries. Crime reduction can be
addressed through neighborhood design, and recreation projects, and training projects.
Tranquillity is enhanced in urban areas by the creation of green spaces, a more human
scale of city design, and reductions of traffic and noise. In a Biosphere Eco-City,
experimental projects can be used to create and measure these benefits on a
neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.

The environmental needs of vulnerable groups are an important health issue. Children
need open areas to play in, that are close to their homes, healthy and safe. Seniors and
handicapped persons require similar areas. Planning for parks and green spaces should
address these needs.