Citizen Science for Water

Help protect our water bodies

Water Rangers has a new series of kits to test lakes, rivers and oceans. With a kit you can help scientists protect our water bodies. And the benefit to you will be learning more about the natural world.

OBEC’S role

Help market water testing kits and support water science.

Water Ranger’s roles

  • Engage volunteers to monitor water quality (crowdsourced collection)
  • Maintain platform of water quality information
  • Provide free access to water data at hundreds of sites
  • See video (

What you can do

  • Test many aspects of water quality where you live or visit
  • Protect water bodies by monitoring water quality
  • View maps of test sites with local groupings and international dimensions

Water testing kits

  • Popular with schools, nature organizations, amateur scientists
  • Fun for kids with help from parents or grandparents
  • Purchase kits on line (
  • Mini Freshwater - $120, Freshwater Explorer - $350, Kids Freshwater Explorer - $525, Ocean Explorer - $250


  • Testing water increases awareness of natural world
  • Educational interface on Water Rangers website
  • Instruction on use of kits for groups, schools etc.


  • Use code OBEC on checkout and get 5% discount on purchase of a test kit


For more information about Water Rangers, please visit their website