Tour La Nuit 2017 – Capital Vélo Fest

Tour La Nuit 2017 - Capital Vélo Fest

(Theme 1 – Transportation, Theme 8 – Health, Theme 9 – Recreation)

Organization: Capital Vélo Fest Inc.

Timeline for Completion: Started 2011 Ongoing Annual Event (Cancelled for 2017}


Our mission is to Inspire people of all ages to ride a bike more often.

The Tour La Nuit is the signature event of the Capital Vélo Fest. The yearly ride takes place in September to take advantage of the early autumn nights. This is the only closed road night ride in Ontario and your chance to ride under the stars without any cars. Past years have seen over a thousand registered riders lighting up the night for this amazing event.

Unfortunately, there will not be a Tour La Nuit event in Ottawa in 2017.

The fixed costs for policing and traffic barriers to close the roads along this route was huge. Participation in the Tour La Nuit has always been somewhat weather dependent, and without significant committed support from corporate sponsors and government agencies, the route through the city core was not financially feasible to implement.

We plan to revive the Tour La Nuit event in 2018 along a route that will not have these impediments.


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