2067 Vision for Canada’s Capital Region

2067 Vision for Canada’s Capital Region

(Theme 3 – Design, Theme 6 – Natural Capital, Theme10 – Sense of Place)

Organization: National Capital Commission (NCC)

Timeline for Completion: launch in 2017 – a 50 Year Plan (2017 to 2067)


Canada’s Capital Region is a symbol of our country’s history and diversity, a true reflection of our democratic values and our commitment to a vibrant and sustainable future.
. Meaningful and Symbolic – celebrate the values, achievements and inspiring symbols of our national identity
. Thriving and Connected – maintain the region’s ecological value and natural beauty, while improving access to waterways and green spaces
. Picturesque and Natural – a livable, resilient, connected and sustainable environment that preserves and enriches our cultural heritage


Seventeen (17) major milestone projects that will transform the Capital over the next 50 years will be included in the Plan for Canada’s Capital to be launched in 2017.

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