Take part in the Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count

Take part in the Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count

(Theme 4 – Habitat)

Organization: Friends of the Earth

Timeline for Completion: June to Aug – an Annual Event


Canada’s wild native bees are in trouble – can you help?

Take part in Friends of the Earth’s Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count from July to August. Our downloadable Bumble Bee Census Card for Eastern or Western Canada will get you off to a buzzing start.

By acting together to save the bees and other pollinators, we can make a difference for our food security, for wildlife and, overall, to protect biodiversity.


Contact Us:

Friends of the Earth
200 – 251 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1X3

phone: (613) 241-0085
email: foe@foecanada.org

Contact Information:

Project entered on: April 7, 2018 at 11:05 am

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