Donated potatoes to arrive on First Air flight to Iqaluit Nov 14

Donated potatoes to arrive on First Air flight to Iqaluit Nov 14

(Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health)

Organization: Mike’s Garden Harvest/First Air – Example of the Gift Economy and Sustainability

Timeline for Completion: November, 2018


Mike Milsom is an organic farmer who farms NCC land on River Road and delivers produce to restaurants and local residents in the Ottawa area, offering shares through Mike’s Garden Harvest. He has also been delivering fresh produce weekly to Iqaluit as part of his business, harvesting and them immediately washing, packing and delivering as fresh of produce as he can. Just last week, he dug up the last of his produce, hundreds of pounds of Russet potatoes and decided to donate them to the people in Iqaluit, after that city’s largest store, Northmart, went up in flames.

First Air stepped up to help Milsom send 2000 pounds of potatoes to Iqaluit after a fire wiped out one of the city’s main stores. Dan Valin with First Air says the potatoes left on a freighter flight this morning and First Air picked up the cost of sending the spuds.


Contact Us:
Tel: (613) 314-3104
Mike’s Garden Harvest
436 river Road,
Ottawa, Ont. K1V 1E7

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