Deep Roots Food Hub – Connecting Small-Scale Farmers, Families, and Local Food

Deep Roots Food Hub - Connecting Small-Scale Farmers, Families, and Local Food

(Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health)

Organization: Deep Roots Food Hub (DRFH)

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The Deep Roots Food Hub (DRFH) is a grassroots, West Carleton-based non-profit organization that aims to create a secure, sustainable food system in West Carleton.

DRFH partners and supporters include the Ottawa Good Food Box, Centretown Community Health Centre, EnviroCentre, the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre, the West Carleton Family Health Team, Carp Ridge Eco-Wellness Centre and the Community Foundation of Ottawa.

Deep Roots Food Hub is collaborating to:•build and manage a community root cellar in West Carleton where local, small-scale farmers can rent space to store their crops. This will provide them with a sustainable, energy-efficient, time-tested storage solution, along with year-round opportunities to distribute their products to local consumers, stores and restaurants. The community root cellar may be the first of its kind in Canada;
•make more locally grown, healthy food available through West Carleton retail stores and restaurants, and through the expansion of the Good Food Box, a non-profit program that offers affordably-priced fruits and vegetables once a month at sites across the City of Ottawa;
•offer educational workshops on topics such as cooking, nutrition, food gardening, canning and preserving, and home root cellaring


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