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OBEC Policy for Database of Sustainability Projects


Policy Revision Number


Policy Custodian

Governance Committee

Approval Date

24 September 2015

Next Review Date

September 2017





The Database is a public source of information that OBEC distributes freely. OBEC shares sustainability project information to encourage people to engage in sustainable activities in Ottawa. Database users can learn from what others are doing to take action on sustainability themselves. Viewers can see what people and organizations in Ottawa are doing to address the ten Themes of Sustainability, and contact project managers for more information.


Any individual can enter project information on the OBEC database ( The input is reviewed by the Database Administrator, or his/her delegate, who may reformat it before publishing it to the Database. All stakeholders may submit projects for free and anyone can view the Database for free. There is no commercial intent for the display of project information.


The purpose of this Policy on the Database of Sustainability Projects is to guide OBEC members and persons submitting projects, on what can be displayed on OBEC's electronic Database.



Database of Sustainability Projects Policy Statement


OBEC’s database of sustainability projects is a public tool designed to facilitate information sharing for the purposes of increased sustainability in Ottawa. With the oversight of the Board of directors, the Database Administrator will approve projects for profile within the database of sustainability projects that have been submitted:

  • Within the greater amalgamated area of the City of Ottawa;
  • By reputable sources from within the community (to be determined at the discretion of the Database Administrator with support from the Board of Directors as needed); and,
  • To share innovative and practical approaches to sustainable; and,
  • For the purposes of information sharing; NOT for the purposes of marketing or monetary gain.


Listings on the Database shall not be posted for the purposes of advertisements for products or services.





Annex 1: Database of Sustainability Projects – Procedures

Annex 2: SAMPLE Project Submission Form

OBEC Privacy Policy


Annex 1: Database of Sustainability Projects - Procedures



Format of Project Information


The Database Administrator or his/her delegate will consider projects if they are deemed to meet the criteria outlined in the Database of Sustainability Policy (above) and are submitted with the following details included:

  • Project Title,
  • Name of Organization managing the project,
  • Theme(s) addressed,
  • Project Objective (a single project objective is encouraged)
  • Project Date,
  • Project Summary.


In addition, information in the following categories is encouraged:

  • Timeline for completion,
  • Contact person for more information (name, email and phone if appropriate).


Project information should be concise. Descriptions are meant to increase understanding and inspire action among viewers. The project summary should be 100 words or less. Themes will be only those that the project addresses in a significant way (one if possible, but no more than three).



Non-Commercial Character of Information


Listings on the Database shall not be advertisements for products or services. Project submissions that are deemed to be unacceptable by the Database Administrator or his/her delegate shall not be approved for posting to the database for public visibility.


ACCEPTABLE (hypothetical example)


Bavarian Farm has an agreement with the local school board to have classes visit the farm to see heritage animals at a traditional farm. The farm raises organic cows, sheep, goats and chickens, and makes an income from meat, milk products and eggs. On their visits, children will learn about animal care, types of feed, and recycling by-products for healthy soil, plants and animals. The school visits are Bavarian Farm's way of giving back to the community.


NON-ACCEPTABLE (hypothetical example)


Spring Creek Farm has pick-your-own strawberries and raspberries in the early summer. It also sells many varieties of vegetables, which can be picked up at the farm gate between 5 PM and 8 PM, Wednesday to Friday. These include early crops such as lettuce and green onions, mid-season crops such as tomatoes and zucchini, and late-season crops such as potatoes and pumpkins. Please email for a full list of products and prices.



Questions and Concerns


If you have any questions or concerns relating to OBEC’s Database of Sustainability Projects, please contact:, ATTN: Database Team.


Annex 2: SAMPLE Project Submission Form



Input Information


  • Project Title
  • Organization Name
  • Theme(s) (no more than three)
    • Theme 1 - Transportation
    • Theme 2 - Energy
    • Theme 3 - Design
    • Theme 4 - Habitat
    • Theme 5 - Food
    • Theme 6 - Natural Capital
    • Theme 7 - Waste
    • Theme 8 - Health
    • Theme 9 - Recreation
    • Theme10 - Sense of Place


  • Project Objective
  • Project Date (start date, end date or timeline for completion)
  • Project Summary (100 words or less)
  • Website
  • Project Photo (link to a photo or upload a photo)
  • Contact Information (name, email, phone)
  • Submit Project