Deep Roots Food Hub – Connecting Small-Scale Farmers, Families, and Local Food

Deep Roots Food Hub - Connecting Small-Scale Farmers, Families, and Local Food

(Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health)

Organization: Deep Roots Food Hub (DRFH)

Project Start Date: Ongoing


The Deep Roots Food Hub (DRFH) is a non-profit, grassroots organization made up of local farmers, market gardeners, health professionals, business people and residents of West Carleton. We are committed to creating a more secure and sustainable food system in our communities. Through collaborations with a variety of community partners we are working to launch programs that will make it easier for West Carleton residents to access, grow, and sell affordable, healthy food.

The Deep Roots Food Hub is building a community root cellar in West Carleton where local, small-scale farmers can rent space to store their crops. This will provide farmers with a sustainable, energy-efficient and time-tested storage solution opening up year-round sales opportunities. In early 2018 we found a great site on NCC land beside BeetBox Co-op Farm on Davidson Side Road near Shirley’s Bay. We negotiated a three-way agreement between BeetBox and the NCC.

Make locally grown, healthy food more available year-round in West Carleton.

Teach how to grow, prepare, and preserve healthy food through educational workshops.


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