EcoDriver – help your wallet and the planet

EcoDriver - help your wallet and the planet

(Theme 1 – Transportation)

Organization: Green Communities Canada

Timeline for Completion: Ongoing


Helping you save money and the planet
◾At EcoDriver we offer friendly, driver-to-driver advice, tips, and training for those who wish to cut fuel costs while also reducing their ecological “tire print.”

Why promote fuel efficient driving?
◾There is a 35% difference between the most and least fuel-efficient drivers on the road. Most can save 10 to 15% with simple changes to their driving habits.

Why promote fuel -efficient vehicle choices?
◾Even within one vehicle class the differences can be staggering. The most fuel-efficient conventional mid-size uses one third less fuel than one in the midrange, and can save $7,000 in fuel costs over ten years.

Why promote driving less?
◾Short trips under five km are the least fuel efficient and most easily replaced by walking and cycling.


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c/o Green Communities Canada
P.O. Box 928,
Peterborough, ON K9J 7A5
Phone: 705-745-7479

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Project entered on: July 22, 2017 at 1:54 pm

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