Volunteer opportunities

The Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City (OBEC) Council is looking for a volunteer to be a member of its six-person board of directors and also lead its Fundraising Committee. This person would attend monthly board meetings, and set the timing and location of Fundraising Committee meetings.

The Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City Initiative (OBEC) is a federally registered not-for-profit working for the sustainability of urban and rural parts of Ottawa. It has applied for charitable status. OBEC currently has 21 members (all volunteer), not including students and other volunteers who participate in various projects. The general membership meets in a monthly discussion forum called the OBEC Council, which may also initiate projects and recommend them to the board. For its part the board provides strategic direction, including project approval and funding.

Monthly meetings of the OBEC Board and OBEC Council are 90 minutes each. Other time requirements for volunteers depend on projects and assignments. For the Fundraising Director, the main assignment would be managing the Fundraising Committee.

OBEC uses a 3-part approach to sustainability: 1. Engage everyone in sustainability, 2. Promote cooperation among stakeholders, 3. Share information on sustainability.

This approach is implemented through 10 Themes of Sustainability (Transportation, Food, Energy etc) and four Tools (Database of Projects, Sustainability Plans, Demonstration Projects, and Council of Stakeholders), which are described on the OBEC website.

The Director of Fundraising would have two key roles within OBEC: 1. Director-at-Large, participating in board meetings and decisions; 2. Leader of OBEC's Fundraising Committee.  This committee would:

* Find and organize information on fundraising that would be useful to OBEC;

* Develop an OBEC fundraising strategy;

* Seek funding for OBEC projects.

Experience with fundraising would be an asset. But more important are personal qualities, especially: Interest in sustainability, Dedication, Organization, Enthusiasm, Ability to inspire people, Skill in research and writing.

If there are several candidates, one may be offered the position of Director, and the others may be asked to join the Fundraising Committee.

Please forward your expression of interest / resume to: volunteer.ottawabec@gmail.com


Human Resources Coordinator

The Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City (OBEC) Council is looking for a volunteer Human Resources Coordinator to organize and facilitate volunteerism within the OBEC Council and its Teams.

The Human Resources Coordinator would be a member of the Administrative Team. This team also organizes: meetings and records, planning, internal communication, and social activities. Currently the Administrative Team does not meet outside of monthly OBEC Council meetings (which all may attend) but may begin to do so in the future.

The Human Resources Coordinator will have the following main tasks:

  • Assist the OBEC Chair and teams to develop position descriptions
  • Recruit for positions, including screening and interviewing potential candidates
  • Liaise with the OBEC Social Coordinator (position not yet staffed);
  • Create a volunteer recruitment and retention strategy for OBEC.
  • Attend Council meetings on a regular basis

A simple volunteer recruitment and retention strategy will be important to the success of OBEC. Good communication, identifying volunteer aspirations, episodic volunteering and avoiding burnout are possible elements of such a strategy. Research, as well as ideas from other members, may help the Human Resources Coordinator to develop this.

Total time requirement would be 4-5 hours per week on average in addition to monthly Council meetings.

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Database Team Leader

  • Leads expansion of Database of Sustainability Projects
  • May recruit team members who help organizations submit projects
  • Liaises with Website Team Leader
  • Approximately 5 hours/week


National/International Coordination Team Leader

  • Leads communication with other cities on BEC model and OBEC activities
  • May recruit team members
  • Liaises with Head of Communication & Outreach (local)
  • Approximately 5 hours/week


Head, Strategic Planning

  • Evaluates goals and opportunities for OBEC, and recomments strategic approaches
  • Updates OBEC Business Plan
  • Part of Administrative Team
  • Approximately 6 hours/week


Writer/Editor/Social media

  • Primary liaison for external communications and update
  • Helps other volunteers to enhance communication products
  • Part of Administrative Team
  • Guided by Head of Communication & Outreach
  • Approximately 5 hours/week

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