Giving BEC Council to the Community

Role of BEC Council

One of the tools of the Biosphere Eco-City (BEC) Model is a Council of Stakeholders. This tool shares ideas and experience to identify sustainability issues and opportunities and seek to develop projects to address them.

Began as OBEC Council

Several organizations came together in 2009 to create the Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City Council (OBEC Council). This operated well for years, developing projects that engaged people and fostered cooperation for sustainability. But the OBEC Council came to be seen as mainly serving OBEC as an organization. It had lost the broader perspective of serving all Ottawa stakeholders, as was originally intended.

Giving BEC Council to the community

Members of OBEC Council, therefore, voted to convert the OBEC Council to a Council of Stakeholders outside of OBEC. It will provisionally use the name BEC Council and OBEC will facilitate the transition. This begins with a pilot workshop.

Workshop to pilot a Council of Stakeholders

On Friday 24 May 2019, OBEC will lead a workshop to test how to operate a Council of Stakeholders for Sustainability, that will serve all of the Ottawa community. This will take place during the 10:00 AM to noon meeting of the

National Capital Environmental Non-profit Network (NCENN). The workshop will gather ideas on sustainability issues/benefits, projects to address them, and ways to implement such projects.

Register to attend

People who are interesting in furthering cooperation and action for sustainability in the Ottawa community are encouraged to attend. The may register on the Sustainable Eastern Ontario website at (

Also, download the attached Preparation Sheet to start recording your ideas Prep Sheet BEC May 2019