Hintonburg Community Sustainability Plan

On 24 & 25 April 2016 members of the Hintonburg community (residents and business people) provided their ideas to create a Sustainability Plan and Implementation Strategy for the community. You can download both of these here

Sustainablity Plan Hintonburg

Implementation Strategy Hintonburg


Also, we are continuing to gather project ideas for the 10 Themes of Sustainability. See the Addendum here Addendum - More Project Ideas which we began in May with new ideas for Transportation. If you have ideas for individual or larger projects, for this or other Themes, we’ll add to the Addendum and update that on the website periodically. Please send us those project ideas.


We encourage you to read these three documents and think about how you could contribute to a sustainable community. You may choose something suggested in the sustainability plan or Addendum. Or you may implement one of your own ideas.


When you begin a project, we would like to know about it. If you are willing, please share with us the following information for our summaries of activities in the community:


    1. Name (required)

    2. Email address (required)

    3. Project name

    4. Project idea (one sentence)

    5. Project description

    6. Project themes: Transportation Energy Design Habitat Food Natural Capital Waste Health Recreation Sense of Place

    We plan to produce periodic progress reports on the sustainability plan for our website, HCA website and local newspapers. We do not plan to show your name or email address.

    OBEC is forming a local follow-up committee to monitor progress implementing the Hintonburg Sustainability Plan. We can help you send or receive information from that committee, i.e.:

    Do you want to form a team to do a collective project? Would you like the committee to advertise your project and put other volunteers in touch with you? Yes No

    As other teams form for collective projects, would you like the committee to refer you to those teams? Yes No