Kanata Community Sustainability Plan

OBEC’S next project is in Ottawa’s suburban Beaverbrook & Kanata North community.

As with our previous Community Sustainability Plans (see here for our latest CSP), we want to encourage engagement and cooperation from the community in developing concrete and creative individual and community sustainability projects and ideas which can be easily taken on by anyone to make their lives and communities more sustainable.

The Kanata Sustainability Discussions will be held on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 at the Beaverbrook Community Centre at 1002 Beaverbrook Rd, Kanata.

Please register for the event here.

The discussions will help us to build Kanata its very own Community Sustainability Plan.

Once we have it created, we will post it on this page for residents to refer back to and start their projects. They can then also report on this page what projects they are working on so we can measure how the community is progressing on its goals.

We can’t wait to get started and make sustainability a priority in Kanata!


To get ready, check out OBEC’s Ten Themes of Sustainability as well as these individuals and community sustainability project ideas for inspiration:

Transportation – Theme 1 Movement of goods and people

Energy – Theme 2 For buildings and activities e.g. transportation, manufacturing, agriculture

Design – Theme 3 Built environment including community design

Habitat – Theme 4 Urban & rural spaces for plants & animals, connectivity

Food – Theme 5 Local healthy food, heritage crops & animals, urban gardens

Natural Capital – Theme 6 Human needs for land, water, soil, natural materials

Waste – Theme 7 Processing of waste, re-use, recycling, conversion to energy

Health – Theme 8 Clean air & water, safety, tranquility, environmental needs of vulnerable groups

Recreation – Theme 9 Non-motorized, urban or rural

Sense of Place – Theme 10 Feeling of belonging that leads to stewardship

Table of Individual Project Ideas

Sustainability Theme

Priority Issues


Implementation Ideas

(Movement of goods and people)
Bicycle Safety
Overuse of car for local trips
Out of tune vehicles
Low efficiency vehicles
Single driver commutes
Speed causes accidents and wastes fuel
Students get rides on rainy days
Maintain bike – brakes, reflectors, tires
Use bike repair station at library
Walk to work, school or store
Practice a “give up your car” day
Maintain car/truck
Discuss car efficiency at supper table
Upgrade to hybrid or electric
Car pool
Take bus / light rail
Stay below the speed limit
Wear raincoats and say they are “cool”
(Buildings, production, energy sources)
Poor insulation in old houses
Air leaks in windows and doors
Cost of energy upgrades
Use of fossil fuels for heating
High electricity use
Electronic entertainment uses energy
Cost of air conditioning
Apply Beaverbrook Home Energy Assessments
Add insulation eg. Basement & attic
Apply window/door weather-stripping
Apply to a rebate program
Install geothermal heating/cooling
Power down electronic devices after use
Buy energy efficient appliances
Install energy efficient lights (e.g. LED)
Install sensors to turn lights on/off
Turn off lights for an hour every day
Install solar panels
Invite friends for board games
Dry clothes and sheets outside
Plant deciduous trees for summer shade
Install whole-house fan for night cooling
Reduce cooling in hot weather
(Built environment)
Need college/university student rooms
Warm/cold air loss with front door open
Pollution of air in sealed houses
Need apartments for seniors
Need affordable housing
Install student rental unit in home
Build enclosed porch at front door
Grow house plants esp. spider plant
Build granny flat in back yard
Require affordable units in new builds
(Urban and rural places for wild animals & plants)
Need to protect pollinators
Loss of natural areas for animals
Need for knowledge of local habitat
Protect turtles crossing roads
Birds are nesting in spring
Plant butterfly & bee garden
Plant milkweed for Monarchs
Join Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count
Plant trees and bushes at home
Natural Back Yard Program
Take a local guided nature walk
Drive slowly by marshy area
Do not trim trees/bushes in spring
See supporting plant & animal diversity http://obec-evbo.ca/habitat-virtual-workshop
(Farms & urban markets, heritage crops/animals, urban gardens)
Need to promote good local food
Need to protect agricultural biodiversity
Agricultural chemicals pollute
Urban people don’t understand farming
People waste up to 40% of food
Need for healthy food
Too much take-out food
Poor can’t afford good food
Buy food from Farmers Markets
Plant a home garden
Buy/grow heritage varieties of food
Buy/grow organic food
Visit a local farm
Don’t fill fridge and plan purchases
Field trip to Seedy Saturday (March)
Use glass containers for food storage
Buy unprocessed frozen food
Make meals and snacks from scratch
Donate product of your fruit trees
Volunteer for Hidden Harvest
Create a community orchard
Natural Capital
(Land, water, soil, natural material)
Rainwater as a resource / reduce runoff
Overuse of water
Household cleaners pollute land/water
Aging out of trees
Overuse of paper
Reduced soil quality
Quality of lakes and rivers
Collect rainwater in water barrels
Install permeable pavement
Install low flush toilets
Reuse water e.g. wash vegetables, hands
Limit time in showers
Just-in-time heater in bathroom
Electric kettle in bathroom
Buy reusable water bottles
Buy natural cleaning products & soaps
Volunteer to plant trees
Use good-one-side paper where possible
Read then give magazines/papers away
Compost for gardens / Green bin
Buy/use water quality test kit
(Processing of wastes, recycling, design, and conversion to energy)
People throw out good furniture
Poorly made furniture doesn’t last
Disposal of reparable items
People shop for price not quality
People throw out good items
Plastics pollute environment
Waste oil pollutes waterways
Dumped medicine pollutes waterways
People put used batteries in garbage
People mix recyclables with garbage
Most pens are disposable
Plastic straws harm wildlife
Need to recycle old books
Lack of recycling in restaurants
Donate furniture to Salvation Army etc.
Build/repair your own furniture
Buy furniture at Re-store
Repair items that are easy to fix
Buy high quality goods that last
Use give-away day or donate to charity
Use wax paper & Tupperware for lunch
Give up plastic for a month
Make milk-bag blankets for tropics
Use cloth bags for groceries
Take used oil to hazardous waste drive
Take unused medicine to drug store
Take used batteries to Home Depot etc.
Use green, black & blue boxes
Use pens with changeable cartridge
Use paper straws or no straws
Support Kanata book sale
Bring home articles to recycle
(Clean air & water, safety, healthy environmental access for everyone)
Air pollution
Overweight population
Safety on residential streets
Lawn chemicals hurt children / pets
Radon gas in houses can be deadly
Need to keep streets safe
Keep car in tune / drive less
Do a weekly outdoor activity
Drive carefully on residential streets
Make lawns organic
Buy/rent radon detector to test house
Join Neighbourhood Watch
(Urban and rural recreation, including farm visits)
Need to promote non-motor recreation
Children need to experience nature
Recreational opportunities in nature
Kids spend too much time indoors
Join a local team, ball, soccer etc.
Family walks in nature areas
Canoe, kayak, sail on Ottawa River
Visit Kanata North playgroups
Sense of Place
(Sense of belonging & stewardship)
Ottawa has great nature and culture
Kanata has great natural areas
Fairs bring people together
Helping people in community
Get to know your community
Visit Ottawa’s rural and urban places
Show friends your favourite place
Take the Ottawa Sustainability Tour
Walk/bike Kanata’s parks / natural areas
Attend local fairs: Carp, Richmond etc.
Shovel driveways for seniors
Join your community association

Table of Community Project Ideas

Sustainability Theme

Priority Issues


Implementation Ideas

(Movement of goods and people)
Bicycle Safety
Affordability of cycling for some
Lack of bike racks at commercial areas
Pedal Play
Bike tune-up workshop
Repair old bikes to donate to needy
Create a rent-a-bike program
Get group to sponsor low-cost helmets
Ask businesses to sponsor bike racks
(Buildings, production, energy sources)
Insulation of old houses
Lack of knowledge on energy efficiency
Need for renewable energy
Promote Enbridge Program
Energy video on websites
Periodic energy efficiency workshops
Explore community Bullfrog Power
Host Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op
(Built environment)
Need for human-environmental design
Loss of land to development
Danger of bike lanes on March Road
Summer indoor cooking heats house
Kanata North host design workshop
Promote mid-rise beside natural areas
Move bike lanes to Teron Road
Create outdoor kitchen & dining area
(Urban and rural places for wild animals & plants)
Need to protect pollinators
Need to know local biodiversity
Natural Back Yard Program
Set up a biodiversity monitoring plot
(Farms & urban markets, heritage crops/animals, urban gardens)
Need to promote good local food
Lack of knowledge of good nutrition
Children need to learn about food
Urban farming opportunities
Access to good food
Create community gardens
Use local food for community events
Restart Beaverbrook Good Food Box
Organize cooking worshops
Create local children’s garden
Organize farm tours
Support food production in public areas
Stores donate almost expired food
Hold community lunches/dinners
Natural Capital
(Land, water, soil, natural material)
Rainwater as a resource / reduce runoff
Aging out of trees
Flooding from tree cutting for building
Dumping of usable wooden furniture
Waste wood in construction sites
Reduced soil quality
Soil loss around roadways
Levelling of land for construction
Water barrel sales
Promote permeable pavement
Community directed urban forestry
Swales & ponds in new developments
Donation / sale of used furniture
Recycle cut lumber
Promote composting
Plant trees & erosion-preventing plants
Build around natural landscape
(Processing of wastes, recycling, design, and conversion to energy)
People throw out good furniture
Garbage in front of rental units
Businesses can demo waste reduction
Make clothes
Reuse items
Community credit for furniture donation
Require project bins for multiple units
Brand businesses as “Eco-Heroes”
Hold sewing workshops
Create a good used clothing exchange
Create neighbourhood garage sales
(Clean air & water, safety, healthy environmental access for everyone)
Through traffic in Beaverbrook
Handicapped/seniors need nature access
Seniors need more time to cross streets
Pedestrian safety crossing Teron Rd.
Sidewalks unsafe in winter
Heat waves danger for some people
Healing qualities of nature
Crosswalks on Teron Road
Traffic management
Create playground for disabled children
Create a seniors park
Increase crossing time in senior areas
Install crosswalk(s)
Make sidewalks priority for ploughing
Open community facilities in heat waves
Create garden therapy program
Link cancer reduction to air, water, food
(Urban and rural recreation, including farm visits)
Need to promote non-motor recreation
Activity needs of handicapped
Cost of recreation facilities
Kids spend too much time indoors
Summer & winter amateur games
Organize community “fun day”
Handicapped walks on local tracks
Local handicapped games
Hire “at-risk” youth to build them
Publicize play groups in Kanata
Create hiking club for youth
Sense of Place
(Sense of belonging & stewardship)
Feeling of belonging is important
Kanata has great nature & culture
Parks need to be clean to be enjoyed
Need to get to know neighbours
Monthly feature of a Kanata place
Music in the park
Sponsor art on special places in Kanata
Organize a Kanata nature/culture tour
Clean up parks
Street barbecue: Victoria or Canada Day
Movies in the park
Benches on paths for meeting others