We Achieve Sustainability Together
We Achieve Sustainability Together

Kanata Ecological Tour Project

In October of 2019, OBEC hosted a community sustainability workshop in Kanata-North. In that workshop, a project to create eco-tours of the region’s green spaces was suggested. 

In 2020, OBEC applied in partnership with OETN for funds from the TD FEF to implement this project.

After consultations with the community in the summer of 2020, a project proposal was created outlining project details, milestones, etc. 

The Kanata Eco-Tours will be a series of self-guided tours of Kanata’s ecological areas, highlighting the ecological importance of these sites, as well as information about the flora and fauna and history of the sites.

The tours are meant to help educate the Kanata community as well as the wider community about the greenspaces in Kanata, as well as inspire a sense of appreciation and stewardship for these sites.

The tours will also serve as a knowledge base and advocacy tool to deliberate further with land developers about destruction of these sites and habitats.

Currently, students are being implicated in the project to develop the tours. The launch should take place in spring of 2022.