We Achieve Sustainability Together
We Achieve Sustainability Together

Lowertown Community Compost Project

In August of 2019, OBEC hosted a community sustainability workshop in Lowertown. In that workshop, a project to assess the viability of community composting options for multi residential buildings in Lowertown was suggested. 

OBEC partnered with a community member and OETN to make this project happen.

The project has two distinct phases:

  1. Research in the community about composting experiences, habits and challenges
  2. Implementation of community composting solutions in partnership with community members, property managers and the City of Ottawa.

So far, a survey has been created and shared with Lowertown residents that collects information about Lowertown residents’ experiences with composting.

Once the results of the survey are received, a group of students from uOttawa will analyze the results and create a research report highlighting challenges and potential solutions.

This report will be shared with Lowertown residents, as well as Lowertown property managers and the City of Ottawa. A steering committee with representatives from each of the groups will then be created to consider possible community composting solutions and plans to implement them.

Further funding and resources may be required to fully implement such solutions, but the framework for implementation of such solutions will have been established.