We Achieve Sustainability Together
We Achieve Sustainability Together

Mike’s Garden Harvest – Growing With Heart and Soil

(Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health)

Organization: Mike’s Garden Harvest

Timeline for Completion: Ongoing Seasonal


Organically grown in naturally enriched soil, our veggies are full of nutrients and flavour. No chemicals, no artificial fertilizer, no GMO.
The way your food was always meant to be.

We are going to open a farm stand at the farm this year! Mike is in the midst of inviting some other producers who would compliment our selection so that there are even more reasons for you to come by.

Garden Plots and CSA share options are Sold Out for 2020.

Location: 436 River Rd, Gloucester, Ont.


Contact Us:
By phone: 613-314-3104
By email: mike@mikesgardenharvest.com

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Project entered on: May 16, 2020 at 1:14 pm

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