Our Story

Our Vision

Our vision is for an environmentally sustainable City that supports a high quality of life, now and for future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve sustainability in partnership with our stakeholders by sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience.

Our History

Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City was formed in March 2009 to pilot the BEC approach with simple tools to increase citizen involvement and share sustainability practices. We are a small grassroots non-profit registered Canadian charity.

We have created 10 themes of Sustainability – transportation, energy, design, habitat, food, natural capital, waste, health, recreation, and sense of place – focus discussion and action. A Database of Sustainability Projects in Ottawa helps people learn from each other’s experiences. A Sustainability Plan allows organizations to create agendas for action. Demonstration Projects highlight new approaches to sustainability. The first demonstration project was an Agricultural Biodiversity workshop and working group, developed in 2011. The second was the Ottawa Sustainability Tour, launched by Mayor Jim Watson in September 2013. This self-guided tour of ten exceptional sites was created by over 60 volunteers under OBEC’s leadership. Most of our funding comes through donations and grants, as a registered charity we make zero profit and all our financials are completely transparent. 

OBEC’s main purpose is to advance the cause of sustainability in Ottawa through sustainability education and engagement with community members, organizations and stakeholders.

We achieve this by promoting inclusion, cooperation and partnership in sustainability. We work directly with individuals and communities in discussion-based workshops to support their sustainability ideas, practices and projects for an environmentally sustainable City that supports a high quality of life now and for future generations.

The task of tackling major environmental threats to our future is huge, but by beginning at the individual and community level and coming together in dialogue and action, we know we can make a positive change here at home.