Ontario Nature – Endangered Species – Migratory Birds

Ontario Nature - Endangered Species - Migratory Birds

(Theme 4 – Habitat)

Organization: Ontario Nature

Timeline for Completion: Ongoing


One of the biggest threats to birds during spring and fall migration is the possibility of colliding with windows. The estimated yearly death toll from window collisions is horrific — and unacceptable:
25 million in Canada
1 billion in North America

During the day, especially at first light when daytime migrants are most active, birds will fly towards window glass that reflects the sky or nearby trees or shrubs. Mistaking these reflections for habitat, they collide with the glass, resulting in injury or death.

At night, extensive lighting of tall structures can also be a fatal attraction, causing nighttime migrants to hit buildings.

Ontario Nature has been working with FLAP Canada and Ecojustice to address bird strikes through public education and advocacy since 2010. We are asking the Government of Ontario to enact regulatory measures to deal with light reflected from the windows of tall commercial buildings.


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