Ottawa Energy Management Case Studies Project

Ottawa Energy Management Case Studies Project

(Theme 1 – Transportation, Theme 2 – Energy)

Organization: Sustainable Eastern Ontario

Timeline for Completion: Started 2018 Ongoing


Through production of the case studies, and targeted outreach to similar organizations, we hope to celebrate the steps already taken towards sustainability by municipal departments, transit services, hospitals, and others, as well as ensure that further steps continue be taken.

The benefits of improving energy management go beyond sustainability to include cost savings, increased safety and comfort, and public health benefits, but the perceived complexity and expense of these projects is often a barrier for organizations taking action, or even realizing they could take action. We hope that by raising awareness about practical projects that are already underway or have been completed, in combination with concrete information regarding cost, payback time, and incentive programs, we can tilt the balance towards action for many others.

Case Studies: Entire Booklet (all 20 studies):


Contact us:
Sustainable Eastern Ontario
c/o The Apartment: Sustainability Office
2203 Alta Vista Dr
Ottawa, ON K1H 7L9
phone: 1-888-385-1154

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Project entered on: September 9, 2018 at 9:55 pm

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