We Achieve Sustainability Together
We Achieve Sustainability Together


A key part of OBEC’s mission is to work with stakeholders and partners to share ideas, knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on our meaningful partnerships that help us create sustainability programs and events for all of Ottawa. 

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Sustainable Enterprise Alliance

SEAlliance is an Ottawa-based non-profit that is by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our partnership focuses on helping small businesses become more sustainable. SEA provides information, resources and tools to support businesses in their sustainability journey and connects local businesses to one another through their network. OBEC’s focus is facilitating the sustainability planning workshops and providing a Community Business Action Plan businesses can walk away with. We’ll be putting on more workshops with SEA in the near future so check it out!

Click Here for more information on our Business Sustainability Workshops!

Ottawa Eco-Talent Network

Ottawa Eco- Talent Network (OETN) is a local organization that works towards environmental sustainability by connecting local community sustainability projects with environmental experts and post-secondary students. Together, we have made significant progress on 3 of OBEC’s CSP projects including:

  • Enhancing Manor Park’s Tree Canopy
  • Planning a Community Compost in Lowertown
  • Creating a Kanata North Eco-Tour

Click Here to read more about each project we are doing with OETN. 

Biosphere Eco-Cities Canada

BECC is a national organization that connects all Biosphere Eco-Cities across Canada. The main mission of BECC is to support Canadian cities in implementing their own Biosphere Eco-City model by connecting with people and communities, and driving projects forward to create environmental solutions within urban spaces. The Ottawa BEC has been acting as this national organization’s pilot initiative as they are in the works of creating more eco-cities across Canada.

If you’re interested in joining your City as a BECC, connect to their social media or contact secretariat@bec-evb.ca.


Greenbooks is a book-keeping social enterprise that supports non-profits with their books as well as providing other financial support. OBEC has been fortunate to have Greenbooks manage its books for the last several years. This takes an administration burden off our staff and gives us the opportunity to focus on our projects and programs. Click Here to go to their website.


Eco-Internships is a newly founded program to support environmental nonprofits with staffing. As you might know, funding is a constant struggle at non-profits. Having a dedicated group helping organisations like ourselves to fundraise and recruit staff is very helpful and essential is growing our capacity.  Through Eco-Internships, OBEC has been able to bring on some great interns over the past year to  grow our work. Click Here to go to their website.

Capacity Building Institute

The Capacity Building Institute trains environmental NGO sector staff to become leaders by training them on all the important areas of non-profit work, from finances to communications to HR and risk management. This is an amazing initiative that has helped to increase the knowledge and capacity of our staff to be effective leaders and work towards building our organisation. Our staff have been through various CBI training programs and the training has equipped them with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to succeed in the roles and make OBEC more successful as well. Click Here to go to their website.