Planting Native Species – Landowner Resources

Planting Native Species - Landowner Resources

(Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme10 – Sense of Place)

Organization: Ottawa Stewardship Council

Timeline for Completion: Issued 2015


If there is one thing you as a landowner can do to make Ottawa a livable city for wildlife it’s planting native species of trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants. By favouring native plants over aliens in the urban, suburban and rural landscape, gardeners can do much to sustain biodiversity. Native plants support and produce more insects than alien plants and in turn feed more numbers and species of other animals. Alien plants in our gardens are often so non-nutritious to the other members of the garden community that they might as well not be there at all.


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Project entered on: May 14, 2016 at 5:07 pm

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