We Achieve Sustainability Together
We Achieve Sustainability Together

Prescott-Russell Greenlights ‘food hub’

(Theme 5 – Food, Theme 8 – Health)

Organization: The United Counties of Prescott-Russell

Timeline for Completion: fall opening in 2022


The business model is considered unique in Canada but is modelled in part on U.S. food hubs where producers send their cattle to slaughter, after which meat products are packaged and distributed in a predetermined market. In this case, the hub will process all types of meats as well as vegetables, for local and national markets.

The hub will support the growing “farm-to-table” trend among consumers who favour local producers. The intent is to help red and white meat producers and vegetable growers overcome the challenges of production and processing and ensure the growth of their businesses. This will potentially lead to more predictable sales, reduce food waste and will favour the creation of new products during the processing stage.


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email: ecdev@prescott-russell.on.ca

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Project entered on: April 26, 2020 at 12:44 pm

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