RAIN Community Solutions

RAIN Community Solutions

(Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 6 – Natural Capital, Theme 8 – Health)

Organization: Green Communities Canada

Timeline for Completion: Launched 2010 Ongoing


RAIN Community Solutions helps communities manage rain where it falls to save money, reduce flood risk, and protect our water.

Primary messages of the RAIN program include:

SLOW IT DOWN. Capture, storage and slow release of rainwater (install cisterns/rainbarrels with soaker hoses); Maintain and enhance the urban forest/canopy (tree planting)

SOAK IT UP. Increase permeable surfaces (permeable paving, soaking pits, rain gardens); Design natural areas to maximize infiltration (rain gardens, etc.)

KEEP IT CLEAN. Avoid release of pollutants (pet waste, cigarette butts, fuels, solvents, fertilizer, road salt).


Contact Us:
email: info@raincommunitysolutions.ca
RAIN Community Solutions
Green Communities Canada
416 Chambers Street, 2nd Floor
Peterborough, ON K9H 3V1

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