Recycle Soap, Save lives, Protect the Environment

Recycle Soap, Save lives, Protect the Environment

(Theme 7 – Waste)

Organization: Clean The World

Timeline for Completion: Started 2009 Ongoing


Depending on the size of your hotel, you throw away dozens … hundreds … maybe thousands of soap bars daily. Clean the World will give those discarded soap bars and plastic bottles a second life.

Hotels generate large volumes of solid waste. A waste reduction program with soap and bottled amenity recycling can protect the environment, preserve natural resources, and reduce costs.

Clean the World, which is based in Florida, has a worldwide reach and a relatively new office in Montreal. Worldwide, we actually recycle over 60 million kilograms or so that are diverted from the landfill. There are approximately 300 hotels across Canada that are part of the Clean the World program.


Clean The World
90 rue Ste-Anne,
Ste- Anne de Bellevue, bureau 204
Québec, Canada H9X 1L8
Phone: (514) 674-4445

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