Rideau Roundtable – Voyageur Canoe Tours

Rideau Roundtable - Voyageur Canoe Tours

(Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 6 – Natural Capital, Theme10 – Sense of Place)

Organization: Rideau Roundtable/Paddle Canada/Parks Canada

Timeline for Completion: Ongoing


The mission of the Rideau Roundtable is to promote and encourage the wise management of the Rideau waterway and Corridor to ensure that its unique natural, historic and recreational values are sustained and enjoyed as a legacy for future generations. The focus of our programs and activities include heritage tourism, public awareness, cultural and natural landscape conservation, and stewardship, new options for Waterway governance, outdoor education, recreation and adventure.

Voyageur Canoe Tours
For the past number of years, the Rideau Roundtable has partnered with Paddle Canada and Parks Canada to host interpretive tours along the Rideau Waterway. What makes these tours unique is that they take place in 34-foot replica voyageur canoes with interpreters in voyageur costume!


Stew Hamill, Rideau Experience Coordinator

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Project entered on: September 24, 2014 at 11:15 am

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