We Achieve Sustainability Together
We Achieve Sustainability Together


The Sustainable Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is a local Ottawa non-profit in Ottawa looking to support local businesses on their sustainability journey. SEA encourages best practises in business and sustainability that simultaneously support People, Planet and Profit. 

As of last year, with funding from the Ottawa Community Foundation, OBEC has partnered with SEA to run Community Business Sustainability Plan Workshops (CBSPs) for local Ottawa businesses using our Community Sustainability Planning model. 

Similarly to how we put on workshops for communities to create Community Sustainability Plans, OBEC is now helping to facilitate workshops for local Ottawa businesses to create their own Business Sustainability Plan. 

This Business Sustainability Plan focuses on action plans for areas of their business where business owners and staff want to integrate (better) sustainability practises. Such areas include waste management, transportation and delivery of goods, and energy efficiency. The plan acts as an agenda for action as well as reference to resources for businesses to actually implement practises and solutions and become more sustainable. 

So far, our two organisations together have co-hosted one online CBSP workshop for the Glebe, Old Ottawa South and East business communities in November of 2021.

A workbook was created to facilitate this workshop and can be used by other businesses to guide them in creating their own Sustainability Plans. A report will also be created highlighting the discussions as well as suggestions of sustainability ideas and practises that came out of this workshop; this report can also be useful to any business looking to integrate sustainability into their workplace. Come back here soon to download this report! 

Currently, we are surveying local businesses across Ottawa to better understand their business sustainability needs and what kinds of workshops and support we can provide that suit their needs.

Once we have a clearer picture of how our workshops can be tailored to support businesses on their sustainability journey, we will share an upcoming program of workshops and webinars that you can access to also bring sustainability to your business!

Business Sustainability Workshop
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