Solar Grazing – Vegetation Abatement Project

Solar Grazing - Vegetation Abatement Project

(Theme 2 – Energy, Theme 5 – Food)

Organization: EDF Renewables (Galetta) and Shady Creek Lamb Co. (Kinburn) Partrnership

Timeline for Completion: Started 2017 Ongoing


Sheep farmers, solar company form powerful partnership – Growing flock gets a place to graze while keeping weeds away from solar panels

What started as an idea to find extra grazing for our sheep has turned into a new direction and focus for our farm. Starting with a successful pilot project in the fall of 2017, Shady Creek has partnered with a local solar power installation to provide the site maintenance — replacing mechanical mowing and herbicide use with natural grass removal through sheep grazing.
Grazing a solar site builds soil health, captures carbon, protects soil from erosion (through promotion of sod-forming plant species), promotes biodiversity and protects pollinator habitat, all while producing nutrient-dense food and renewable fibre and energy on the same acre.
Our ewes spend the spring, summer, and fall at the site — where they give birth under the watchful eye of our guardian dogs. All lambs are raised on grass with the flock and are marketed through special sales in the fall.


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Project entered on: July 1, 2019 at 11:02 am

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