Sustainable Development Strategy, 2018-2023

Sustainable Development Strategy, 2018-2023

(Theme 4 – Habitat, Theme 8 – Health, Theme 9 – Recreation)

Organization: National Capital Commission (NCC)

Timeline for Completion: Ongoing


The NCC Sustainable Development Strategy is our road map to continue building a greener Capital Region.

The NCC’s Sustainable Development Strategy, 2018–2023, provides a focused and innovative agenda for environmental leadership in Canada’s Capital Region, and serves as an overarching element to be included in all of the NCC’s plans, strategies, policies and operations. It reflects the NCC’s commitment to working with its partners, stakeholders and the public to continue building a greener and more sustainable Capital Region together.

Not only does this strategy aim to protect our natural and cultural heritage, it will also contribute to improving the health and well-being of all residents and visitors in the National Capital Region. It aligns with three important federal and international initiatives: the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, the Greening Government Strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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