The Blue Lakes Project – For Stewardship Excellence

The Blue Lakes Project - For Stewardship Excellence

(Theme 6 – Natural Capital)

Organization: Watersheds Canada and The Land Between Organization

Project Start Date: Oct 2017Pilot Project


The Land Between charity and Watersheds Canada is piloting a new lake ecolabel; a standard of excellence in stewardship.

Lake associations that agree to adopt stewardship principles and actions will receive the ecolabel and with it, access to the database and app, as well as all the scientific data that is housed in the database, and also the real-time information that it generates about their lake.

Ecolabel stewardship actions will include providing education to lake residents on best management practices, water quality monitoring, improving boating practices, and advancing natural shorelines on their lakes through planting projects.

This new project is a perfect complement to the Love Your Lake Program that has been so successful in raising awareness about lake health in Ontario. It is a stewardship-based ecolabel that combines the best of science and modern technology. We hope that it will empower landowners to take informed actions in order to sustain the health of our lakes for the foreseeable future.


Contact us:
Leora Berman or Barb King
phone: (705) 457-4838

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Project entered on: November 18, 2017 at 9:44 pm

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