We Achieve Sustainability Together
We Achieve Sustainability Together

The Canadian Access Project – Beyond the Farm Gate

(Theme 5 – Food)

Organization: Canadian Organic Growers (COG)

Timeline for Completion: Aug, 2020 – Aug 2022


This project will identify current barriers in the organic food supply chain, help the Canadian organic industry fulfill its economic potential, and provide Canadians with increased access to regionally-grown, organic food.

More specifically, the project will identify the systemic, cultural and sectoral supply chain barriers preventing increased domestic supply of organic products from reaching market efficiently and achieving the related environment benefits of organic practices.

The project relies on the active engagement of farmers across Canada. To stay up-to-date on this project and be informed of opportunities to contribute, sign up for our monthly newsletter (see website).


Contact Us:
Canadian Organic Growers
56 Sparks St., Suite 600
Ottawa, On K1P 5B1
Phone: 613-216-0741
Email: office@cog.ca

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Project entered on: November 16, 2020 at 4:20 pm

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