The Poets’ Pathway – Honouring Ottawa’s 19th Century poets on the land that inspired them

The Poets' Pathway - Honouring Ottawa's 19th Century poets on the land that inspired them

(Theme 8 – Health, Theme 9 – Recreation, Theme10 – Sense of Place)

Organization: Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

Timeline for Completion: Ongoing


The purpose of the Pathway is two-fold: it helps preserve greenspace in the nation’s capital; and it commemorates Canada’s ’Confederation Poets’ along the trail.

The Poets’ Pathway is a walking and biking trail approximately 35 kilometres long, much of it on already-existing walking paths through Ottawa. It runs from Britannia Bay beach along Pinecrest Creek and Nepean Creek, crosses the Rideau River and ends north of the Ottawa River in Beechwood Cemetery, where some of the poets lie.


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Project entered on: June 16, 2018 at 4:25 pm

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