The Tuesday Tree Talk Series

The Tuesday Tree Talks are spaces of knowledge-sharing and gratitude at local green spaces in Ottawa, where we discuss various sustainability themes and subjects in an encouraging and positive light every month. This is an opportunity to connect with the community, local flora and fauna, and have an open floor discussion on environmental sustainability

We intend for Tree Talks to be a space to learn, inspire, and connect with people and nature!

The Tuesday Tree Talk Series started out of the COVID-19 pandemic, looking for ways to reconnect people with their community and the outdoors once again in a safe manner. Since then, these discussions have adapted to be an engaging, and exciting monthly event to educate on environmental topics, while also engaging locals in community-based activities. 

At OBEC, we see the value in change coming from the community. We see the power that people have in numbers, and we want to provide an opportunity for all people to share their knowledge, opinions, and insights on many of the issues in environmental sustainability today.  To join our next Tree Talk, check out our events calendar!

Past Tree Talks and Partners

The Tuesday Tree Talk Series also highlights the work of the community by showcasing local environmental organizations and partners. We love providing an open floor for local partners to share how they are making a difference, and to inspire participants to take on similar practices or projects! Check out our previous talks and speakers below

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