West Carleton Community Sustainability Plan

– Recruiting Volunteers for April 2019 –


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In April 2019, you can help create an exciting tool to give everyone, in this beautiful rural part of Ottawa, personal choices for sustainability. If you live, work or spend time in West Carleton, you are a member of this community. We would really like your support as a facilitator for community discussions, or a participant in a discussion meeting.

We define sustainability simply as: Using the resources we need for a good life, and leaving enough for future generations so they can have a good life too. We enhance sustainability in a community by getting people involved and fostering cooperation.

A sustainability plan is an agenda for action, suggesting key issues and projects to address them for 10 Themes of Sustainability. It is developed by community members and then distributed widely, with a request that everyone choose their own project and report on what they are doing.

How you can help:



You can lead one or more community discussions on a Theme of Sustainability, or you can take notes. There will be a training session for you to practice this before the discussions. After you look at the summary of Themes, you can read discussion papers on each of the Themes:

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Transportation – Theme 1 Movement of goods and people

Energy – Theme 2 For buildings and activities e.g. transportation, manufacturing, agriculture

Design – Theme 3 Built environment including community design

Habitat – Theme 4 Urban & rural spaces for plants & animals, connectivity

Food – Theme 5 Local healthy food, heritage crops & animals, urban gardens

Natural Capital – Theme 6 Human needs for land, water, soil, natural materials

Waste – Theme 7 Processing of waste, re-use, recycling, conversion to energy

Health – Theme 8 Clean air & water, safety, tranquility, environmental needs of vulnerable groups

Recreation – Theme 9 Non-motorized, urban or rural

Sense of Place – Theme 10 Feeling of belonging that leads to stewardship

You can then download the Facilitator Training Material that explains the whole process before your training session. The manual will not be needed during your training session. Locations for training sessions are:

Tuesday 23 April at St. George’s Anglican Church, 192 Shirreff St., Fitzroy Harbour, 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM, and

Wednesday 24 April at St. James Anglican Church, 3774 Carp Rd., Carp, 7:30 PM to 8:45 PM.

Please register early, so we can know you are coming.

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In a community meeting, you will discuss one Theme of Sustainability. You can share your ideas on key issues for that Theme in West Carleton and possible projects to address them. Ideas for simple personal projects are very welcome. You may also suggest and discuss community projects.

The community discussions to create the West Carleton Sustainability Plan will take place on Tuesday 14 May at the West Carleton Community Complex, 5670 Carp Road, Kinburn, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. There will be a discussion group for each of the 10 Themes.

Please read about the Themes of Sustainability and register early so we can prepare.


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Meanwhile, look at further information on the Themes that interest you.