We Achieve Sustainability Together
We Achieve Sustainability Together

Youth Sustainability Hub

Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City’s Youth Sustainability Hub aims to engage, guide and empower youth to take action to advance environmental sustainability locally.

 In line with OBEC’s goals, the Youth Hub will work towards creating a culture of sustainability by creating and implementing quarterly projects that will develop personal and professional skills, while also executing environmental-based projects locally.

Action-based / Education / Engagement

Our Goals: 

  1. Youth-Led Project Conceptualization, Facilitation, and Implementation
    1. The Youth Sustainability Hub will provide youth with the opportunity to conceptualize and implement local sustainability projects. Youth can then develop their own projects to target specific issues they identify and feel strongly about. The Youth Sustainability Hub will then provide the resources (i.e., planning manuals, promotional materials) and space necessary to facilitate and implement project(s) within their communities, schools, and organizations. By providing youth with the opportunity to brainstorm and facilitate their own projects will amplify youth perspectives and encourage a culture of sustainability.
  2. Training and Education
    1. The Youth Sustainability Hub will also provide youth with access to training and education in order to build their personal and professional skills. Education and training will be tailored to meet youth’s goals and interests while simultaneously providing them with the knowledge necessary to implement local sustainability projects and plans.
      1. E.g. Creative content development, fundraising skills, and project management training! 
  3. Activity and Volunteer Opportunities
    1. A key component of the Youth Sustainability Hub includes access to volunteer opportunities and activities for youth. Various volunteer opportunities will be available through OBEC’s initiatives, allowing youth to further connect with community members and sustainability professionals. Beyond OBEC, through the Youth Sustainability Hub, youth will be able to connect with other local sustainability organizations to expand their network and learn about other volunteer opportunities and activities. 
    2. For Example, projects and ideas that arise out of our Community Sustainability Plans often require lots of hands-on support at the community level. Volunteering for implementation of our local projects are one example of ways in which to get involved locally!


  • Get involved with local sustainable initiatives
  • Create your own sustainable projects locally
  • Work towards your Community Involvement Hours, or enhance your co-curricular record
  • Gain valuable experience hands-on, and through training with:
    • Independent and collaborative project management and implementation
    • Connecting with local stakeholders and other local organizations
    • Learning more about environmental sustainability from a grassroots perspective
    • Creating communications material
    • Developing personal skills, such as public speaking