Adopt A Ditch

Join us for this OBEC pilot that will bring together gardeners, climate activists, farmers, city representatives, relevant community associations, neighbours, you, to plan how to use native plants in ditches to control weeds.

Adopt-a-ditch is a 2-phase, collaborative pilot project to bring stakeholders together to assess how pollinator corridors can be created on selected roads in rural west Ottawa for pollinator well-being, cost savings and benefits to agriculture and drainage and public health; phases being 1. Developing a plan with stakeholders and 2. Implementing the pilot plan and reporting results.
Effective weed control with native plants is a win for everyone:

  • Pollinators: protects their habitat, currently being destroyed
  • City: saves the money on pesticides and brush-hogging
  • Farmers: controls noxious weeds and provides pollinators for crops.
  • Community: reduced pesticides use contributes to community health.

Initial research suggests that there is helpful guidance available from Lanark County that points the way to using native plants to maintain road-side ditches. The Canadian Wildlife Federation has worked on similar projects and their guidance is here: Managing Rights-of-way for Pollinators: A practical Guide for Managers

For additional resources, please see our Weblinks and Resources page.

We all know it will not be easy to manage the ditches to meet the needs of pollinators, farmers and road safety. But if we can figure out this out, imagine the benefits!
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