Electrical System Simulation

The Electrical System Simulation (ESS) Pilot will hold a series of meetings with rural residents of the Ottawa Municipality, using a prototype simulation game, to focus discussion to help neighbours develop an informed assessment of their community’s electrical system needs and appropriate new technologies. The pilot will be, in light of the experience and feedback from participants in these meetings, tested and revised to make it an effective vehicle for conducting community meetings across Ontario./

The outcomes of the ESS are to strengthen and energize Ontario communities as follows:

To use a simulation with a board and cards to structure a series of community discussions in West Carleton and Ottawa, generally, around the introduction of new technologies to the hydro grid. Specific outcomes include: 

  • Test the simulation process as a way to handle potentially contentious community discussions (like talking about new energy technologies, food insecurity, or potential changes in farming methods).
  • Create a common understanding among community neighbours about their goals, needs, and worries on these topics.
  • Help communities get ready to talk about and think over proposals for new technologies in the electrical grid.
  • Identify the steps communities can take to get involved and keep track of suggestions from outside groups about bringing new technologies to their areas.
  • Update and revise the prototype simulation in light of feedback from participants in the process.
  • Report on the success of the simulation method for conducting community discussions.

This builds on the experience of OBEC since 2010 in holding community sustainability meetings across Ottawa with community associations, schools and other organizations. 

With strong help from CAFES – Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability https://cafesottawa.ca/  (of which OBEC is a member) and EVCO – Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa. https://evco.ca.

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