My Sustainable Business Path (MSBP) is a series of 3 workshops for small business owners and managers to help identify actions they can take now to prepare for Net-Zero in 2050.

My Sustainable Business Path is not about telling you what to do, it’s about giving you an opportunity to collaborate with sustainable business owners to find your own path to sustainability for your business. 

MSBP recognizes that

  • Learning that engages and addresses the actual needs of individual learners is most effective.
  • Some business owners are further along the path to sustainability than others.  Those who are further along act as advisors (or mentors) to those who are not so far along the path
  • The most effective “teacher’ is another small business owner who has already travelled further down the path to sustainability.
  • Business owners need a just-in-time solution rather than classroom learning.

Workshop Path


Workshop 1 – Introduction

For more information about My Sustainable Business Path and to start your sustainable journey today, contact [email protected].

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